January 26, 2015

In Which CeeCee Measures the Sufficiency of Adulthood

January 1, 1189

It figured that of all the people who seemed to be in search of solitude in these early hours, CeeCee would be the one who couldn't find it. At least it was just Farilon. Sometimes, he was the next best thing to being alone.

Others, he was agony. But CeeCee resolved to make this instance the latter. "Mind if I share this room?"

"Not at all." Farilon stood. Whether he wanted to give her the couch to herself or to greet her properly, she didn't know. She wouldn't have minded if he'd kept sitting, really. Formal decorum had no place between friends, and she liked to think that they were at least friends.

She wasn't sure if she wanted to sit anyway. "So. Another year."

"Another year," he repeated with a sigh. "Does it ever seem to you like the New Year is often... well, nothing new?"

"More often than not." CeeCee rubbed at the sleeve of her gown. It had been a while since she'd needed a new one. She was almost finished growing, but alas, not quite. "I can't believe I still have two years before I can start at the university. I feel like I'm ready to move forward, you know? To be a real adult. But instead I'm still stuck here with my parents."

"And I still don't feel like a real adult. And it feels like I should every year, but I don't."

Knowing where he was coming from, he was more than entitled to that feeling. It was still a melancholy thought. "You seem sufficiently adult to me."

"Then I should hope you have a better idea of what is sufficiently adult than I do." He grimaced. Most of his smiles were grimaces. Maybe that would change one day. "To be honest, I wish it wasn't so long before you started at the university either. You're one of the few people I feel I can talk to."

"I'm sure you'll enjoy Renata's company too. And Lyssa's and Alina's, before I go--though I don't know if Lyssa will have much interest in any of your classes. But Alina signed up as a major in Physics."

"Well, I suppose any friend of yours could be a friend of mine."

"I should hope so. But don't strain yourself if you're not comfortable. A good part of being an adult is knowing your capacity and stretching it at your own pace."

"That makes sense." Farilon shook his head. "I wish my capacity matched yours. Maybe I'll be able to give you a New Years' kiss next year. Or the year after."

"Any year will be fine." She grabbed hold of his hands and squeezed gently--not so firm as to pressure him, firm enough that he knew she was there for him. "We both have other things to look forward to, after all."

He nodded. "That we do."


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