August 10, 2014

Naroni Will Return Soon

I'm going on vacation! And I can't decide whether it's good timing or terrible. Possibly good because quite a few people seem to be busy at the moment, and possibly bad for the exact same reason. But the fact remains that I'm going on vacation. I will be leaving this Tuesday.

Now, I know in the past that I've gone on vacations with a few photoshoots done in advance and I've managed to post despite being on vacation, but that's not going to happen this time because it's more of a productive vacation than a relaxing vacation and I'm just not going to have enough spare time. I will have some degree of access to wi-fi, but I'm not sure how much just yet. If the hotels I'm staying at have free wi-fi, then great... but if not, then I'm not paying for it and will instead have to duck into coffee shops from time to time. So I'll be able to read other people's updates and hopefully comment, but any long-form messaging/discussions will have to wait until I get back.

I return on August 28th. I don't know if I'll be able to get the next post up on that date, or if it will have to wait one or two days. Depends on the jetlag, plus a few other things I need to do fairly soon after I get back. But if nothing else, I should be able to post before September rolls around.

In the mean time, I've compiled a list of some other Medieval/fantasy Sims stories that you can check out while Naroni takes its hiatus. Not all of them update frequently (and alas, some may never update again), but there should be more than enough reading material here to last until I get back (and beyond). Note that these ones are specifically Medieval or fantasy; I do recommend everything on my blog roll, and there are plenty of stories and challenges out there just waiting to be discovered.

Boy of Summer by Andavri
Set in the same universe as The Chronicles of Albion, where the descendants of the Orkneys and the Gwynedds and the du Lacs live lives no less hectic than those of their ancestors in Albion-Renaissance Lothianshire. Darin, a teenage boy from the wrong side of the river, befriends Joshua, heir to River Sulis's sinister and amoral baron. Meanwhile, Josh's sister Elizabet and her friends Vivienne and Marianne each deal with the ills of their respective families. Appearing in Boys of Summer is none other than Ietrin as Masen Cox, a man of no principles and unsavory appetites who more than meets his match in his unbreakable and just wife, Annette.

Dragging Blue Lake by Penelope
Not Medieval, but fantasy--and beautiful! Seamless union of modern and historical elements in a future Pleasantview, set just after the death of Don Lothario, where the oppressive caste system is god. Well, the caste system and Kvornan Tricou--court artist, divine being, and brooding vampire sociopath. A daughter of Mortimer Goth is approached with an otherworldly task. A vineyard may contain the key to an immortal life. A young girl named Elise is more than she seems. And teenagers Laurie and Cully, in spite of everything crumbling around them, embark on a love story.

In Verona by Winter
Veronaville meets Shakespeare meets Pride and Prejudice! The duchy of Verona is ruled by four governing families, including the feuding Capulets and Montagues. Both families are in states of uncertainty as aunts and uncles hold the governing seats meant for younger niblings. Goneril's days are numbered as Juliette approaches the date of her inheritance--despite Juliette being the child of Goneril's younger sister. Mercutio yearns in frustration for his rightful seat as his uncle devotes himself more faithfully to the bottle. Juliette's marriage to Fitzwilliam Darcy outrages the Montagues, who wanted him for Beatrice--who, more than anything, just wants to find herself. Lady Catherine causes grief for everybody. Also, my Self-Sim plays an aspiring brothel owner.

Kingdom of Marlowe by EkhoGirl
An interesting take on society's potential for toxicity, demonstrated by a world where women are bought and sold like livestock. Having no legitimate sons, King Conri has implemented new laws that will give him a male heir and push his daughters aside. The new status quo brings out the worst in many, but some are brave enough to fight against it, and hope remains for future generations. Of particular note are the stories of the three princesses: Rei, who has survived being her father's daughter and has made a good life for herself and her family apart from him; Nyssa, the broken bird whose spirit died long ago and who lives more or less as a puppet; and Eirian, whose story is just beginning.

The Chronicles of Albion by Morgaine2005
Creations of the Lord Wright now in the care of the Demigoddess, the citizens of Albion live under the rule of the good King Arthur, but even the best of kings cannot guarantee that all is right in any kingdom. Arthur's half-sister Morgause lurks about in her vapid and self-absorbed existence, outwardly shallow but secretly more bark than bite, and her daughter Garnet suffers under her shadow. Morgause's son, Mordred, enters an arranged marriage with the studious Lady Dindrane while keeping his lowborn mistress Rosette on the side and in the dark, loving only one woman but respecting neither. Leona, the assertive and adventurous daughter of Sir Lancelot and Lady Guinevere, suffers through an unsatisfactory betrothal to the boorish Elyan, son of the even less bearable Sir Bors. Later on, chaos lurks as a man past the point of sanity plots revenge on a global scale for slights against his family. The Crown Princess, her self-esteem shattered by her misogynistic father, must overcome her upbringing and realize that she is more than a son-making machine. A young noblewoman is alerted to a devastating complication and must make for herself a new future in spite of the wishes and thoughts of others, all while the mysterious Fae watch from near and far at once.

The Kingdom of Lothere by Lothere
I almost hesitate to post this one, because A) it's officially been discontinued, though some storylines were wrapped up on the author's blog and B) it is just so damn mind-blowingly awesome that it's entirely possible no Sims 2 story will ever be good enough again after reading it. It's a new story bracket (I tried to find the Corner Gas clip. YouTube did not have the Corner Gas clip). So, read at your own risk, but know that it may never be enough. One of the original RKC stories, inspiration to both Naroni and Mhalwae and probably a hell of a lot more, and possibly the longest Sims story in existence (longer than War and Peace). Lothere is a mysterious, beautiful, arguably sinister valley in the north of England. Sigefrith, a lord of Danish descent and supporter of King Harold, claims the valley for his own as he dodges the clutches of William the Conqueror. He titles allies Alred and Cenwulf, and builds his kingdom with Alred's money and pioneering peasantfolk (the most notable of which is Egelric Wodehead, who could have a book series of his own) and his own wit and charisma. However, it is not long before other, more ancient beings make it known that the newcomers are not the only inhabitants of Lothere...

The Kingdom of Mhalwae by Verity
Hasn't been updated in a while, but I know the author travels quite a bit and is generally busy. In any case, I've yet to see an official cancellation notice, so here's hoping it returns at some point. After a ferocious assault that shatters Branwhuld's ruling class and devastates the populace, the youngest and only surviving prince, Eallair, flees to the island of Mhalwae with his savvy wife Madlenka, a number of his noble cousins, and a handful of escaping commoners. There, they must form a new kingdom, but little do they suspect the nature of the island and the forces that dwell there--not all of them benevolent. And as it turns out, they only know part of the story of the fate of the continent they left behind...

WITCH by Katdelval
Also hasn't been updated in a while, due to the stress and complications of real life. But again, I've yet to see any official cancellation, so like with all of the above, I'm hoping to see this at the top of my blog roll again eventually. Corynne is a witch and potion-maker who, unbeknownst to her, possesses a dangerous and uncontrollable power. She falls in love with Lothar, the Crown Prince of Lyvenia, a taboo on the parts of both of their people. Under the iron fist of Galaea, the Sisterhood of Witches fights to keep Corynne and Lothar apart, in service of Galaea's agenda and that of her cruel daughter, Ivaine. But the future Galaea champions may not be the true destiny of the Sisterhood--and if a pawn crosses the board intact, she may become a Queen.

So, here's hoping that you'll enjoy the above stories as much as I do, and know that Naroni will be back soon, hopefully before the end of the month. Don't worry if I take a while to respond to anything while I'm away, as it will most likely be an access issue and not anything more serious.

Also--a little ways away, but Naroni is getting fairly close to the 1000 post mark, and I'm not sure what sort of extras I should post to celebrate, so if anyone has any ideas, feel free to send me a message at the Keep (Van), on Tumblr, or at my Sims email:

Thanks, everyone, and enjoy the rest of your summer!


Pen said...

Whoah! This is comprehensive! And, d'aww. <3

Have a most excellent trip, Van! Ooo, maybe a long vacation will give you extra Naroni ideas. :)

Van said...

Thanks, Pen! :)

Heh. Once I got going, I couldn't stop. XD

Emma said...

Ohhh... :) Thank you for the recommendations and have a nice and wonderful trip!

I've read three of the above already but it all sounds so awesome that I'll have to decide til tonight where I will start to read... hm...

Anyway, have fun!

Van said...

Thanks, Emma! :)

There is some degree of overlap in readership for most of the above plus Naroni, so I'm not surprised that you're already familiar with some of the stories on the list. Glad I could introduce a few new ones, though! Enjoy! :)

Writershy said...

HI! I'm new around here :)
I've been binge reading from the beginning lately, and I have to say that I'm really enjoying your story. It's giving me lots of inspiration for my own! I just wanted to say how much of an influence you were in me finally having the courage to publish my own sims blog, so thanks! Enjoy your vacation!

Van said...

Hi, Writershy, and welcome! :)

Glad you've been enjoying my story so far--and I'm always glad to hear of new stories! I'll check yours out as soon as I get back.