August 8, 2014

In Which Octavius Is Concerned Regardless

December 9, 1186

"Sparron?" Octavius shut the door behind him just as his son turned around. Florian had come up to announce that he was leaving for the night, and he said he'd past Sparron on the way, coat in hand. Sure enough, his son and heir was prepared to depart. "A little late for going out, don't you think?"

"Uh... yes, I guess so." Sparron shrugged. He intended to go out anyway--and, him being an adult, there was little Octavius could do to stop him. All the same... "I just got the urge to go for a ride. It's been a while since I had a nice long one.

"And it's not too cold out tonight, nor is it dark yet. And I've been fine the past few weeks."

"I suppose." And if the patterns held true, then nothing would hit tonight. Regardless, it was a concern. It would always be a concern. "But what if you get... caught out after dark?"

"I can stop at an inn, or someone's castle. If the need arises, I can send someone with a message."

"Don't stop at an inn. Stop at a castle with a reliable steward." Who knew if just any old slob at an inn would be trustworthy. Odd of Sparron not to have considered that. "But if possible, do try to get home before I turn in."

"I can't guarantee that."

"Try anyway."

Sparron nodded--but one hand retreated behind his back, as some hands did with crossed fingers. "I'll try."



Van said...

Sorry about the short one.

Next post (also probably short) will be the last of 1186! But, the start of 1187 will be delayed somewhat. I'll post on why after the next post goes up (it's nothing to worry about).

Emma said...

oooh :)
I am pretty sure that it's been said quite often but Octavius is just such a good father. Well, at least he's trying to be one :)

And the lenght of a post doesn't matter as long as it's a good one :D

I'll repeat myself over and over again. I just love your story *_*

Van said...

He really does try, especially with his older two, little he can do for either of them. He has managed to keep his other kids mostly happy and healthy (poor Pandora was happy up until her untimely death).

Thanks! I'm glad you continue to enjoy. :)

Penelope said...

ACK! Sorry for thee MIA! WORK + wedding - sims = Pen is all over the place

And oh dear. Sparron has been caught sneaking out. I think he gets away with it this time, but he should be careful not to run into his father too frequently on his way out the door. :S It's a shame too that Octavius will have to worry about him.

Van said...

No worries! Life gets busy sometimes. (And oooooh, did you have your wedding? Or is it a crucial planning time at the moment? Either way, so exciting!)

Yeah, here's hoping this is a one-time instance for Sparrow here. But yep--most people Sparron's age can come and go as they please without too much of a fuss. Octavius worries way more about Sparron even when he's at home than he does about Nythran at university.

Penelope said...

Sparron is at a vulnerable point in his life, it's no surprise that Octavius is worried. I suppose that we will have to wait until the next post to see whether Searle is worried. I don't know that he could live with himself if something happened to Sparron on his way to see Searle one of these nights.

Wedding's not until October, but because it is a "destination" wedding with no planner, we are having to travel a lot for meetings, tastings, fittings, all that junk. There's too much stuff involved in this wedding business, and don't even get me started on the money. :/ It'll be worth it though for the happy memory times with family and friends. LOL But I could have become Mrs. Mr. Pen much faster and cheaper in a Vegas drive-through. XD

Van said...

I think Searle is worried, but what remains to be seen is whether or not he feels the need to let Sparron know that. Sparron doesn't like discussing his issues with anyone, and Searle especially, so it may be a sore topic.

October's coming up pretty quick! Yeah, from what I've heard of wedding planning, it is a hassle (and very expensive). But yes, I'm sure the memories will be worth it. :)

Penelope said...

Oh wait... I've read these! Oh Pen. Good refresher though.

Van said...