July 5, 2014

In Which Severin Gets the News Thirdhand

June 23, 1186

"Thanks for the offer. But no, I don't expect that of you."

It was a mature response and a considered response, one with regard for consequences. Its development may have been part of why Rina was only telling him this now when it had occurred near the beginning of the month. And it was a perfectly valid, perfectly acceptable response of which she of course had every right to give.

But personally, Severin wouldn't have minded the opposite. "Are you sure? It wouldn't inconvenience me to punch your brother in the face."

"It might. He may be count one day, but he's still had a knight's training. Plus the men in your family do kind of run small."

Not in the way they say your father does, he would have countered if he hadn't known she didn't want to talk about her father. "I haven't heard anything about your brother being exceptionally big. Besides, I'm bigger than my older brothers were at my age." His mother thought he'd be the tallest of the lot too--but mentioning his own mother's opinion of his looks to a girl had to have been risky form. "I'm sorry that your brother is an asshole."

"Don't be. It's my father's fault. It's just... easier for everyone to go along with him, you know?" Rina sighed. So far as Severin knew, this was the only time any of her brothers had even tried to get in touch with her. He'd never been a family-oriented person himself--even as a child he'd hated other kids, kid-friendly things, and generally spending time with his parents and siblings--but damn, did Rina's family make him appreciate his own. "My mother's having a baby next month. I had to hear about it from my grandmother."

"Oh." Most likely, she wouldn't meet that baby sibling until the kid came to Naroni for university. Unless of course their father dropped dead before that. Severin hoped he would. "That's... not the sort of news you want secondhand."

"No." She pulled back her shoulders, straightening her slight slouch. She adjusted her posture often, he'd noticed. He thought he understood. In addition to her frequent discomfort, it probably helped to have power over something--anything. "I hope it's another boy. My father shouldn't have daughters."

A man whose heir presumed to demand that his sister cloister herself against her will? Damn right. "Your father shouldn't have sons either."



Van said...

Ended up getting a photoshoot and a post done today. Awesome.

Penelope said...

Indeed. What Rina's father needs is a vasectomy.

Van said...

Ye-ep. :S