July 7, 2014

In Which Ilyda Presents the Non-Problem

July 13, 1186

"Woah! Greet all of your customers like that, and you might get more business during the slow hours."

"Senwick!" God, he told terrible jokes. Regardless, Ilyda had to laugh. "My father is in the next room."

"Then jumping me was a risky move; you know I'm loud." He set her back down and slipped his tongue past her lips. Risky move indeed.

But it was tough to care.

The kiss broke and she lowered her heels to the ground. It would have been nice, being taller. But if being short was the only thing she had to complain about, then she had it pretty damn good. "At least you're not cutting classes for me this time."

"Hey, I only ever cut electives." The dismissal came with a wink. "Why can't you go the university, again? You're smart."

"We've been over this; my parents can't afford to send all of us, so in the interests of fairness, they're not sending any of us." And in truth, she had no idea what she'd study. She'd always figured she'd head off to another shire--Armion, maybe--and run an inn of her own over there. It would keep her plenty occupied while Senwick was off doing his bard thing throughout the continent--assuming they got to that point, of course. "Plenty of people in this kingdom managed to make a living before the university opened. I'm fine with being one of those people since."

"I know." But when his hands met hers, the squeeze was firmer than usual. "I just wish I could see you every day, you know? I'm going to be traveling so much when I'm done school; I want to spend more time with you now."

"Good to know."

"Sorry?" His head pulled to one side as if by weighted ear, mouth otherwise distorted. "What do you mean?"

"I mean it's convenient to my plans." Yep--being short was the only thing she had to complain about. For all she'd suffered her overbearing father since becoming his eldest unmarried daughter, everything was coming up Ilyda now. "I talked with my brother and sister-in-law, and it sounds like they might need another pair of hands around their inn. All those rowdy university students and all."

"So... you're moving to campus?" She certainly couldn't complain about that smile.

"You got a problem with that?"

He shook his head. "Not even a little."



Van said...

Sorry about the filler post.

Winter said...

Oh, but it was an adorable filler post. I liked Ilyda's attitude about not going to university - university is great, but not going isn't the end-all. If she opens her own place eventually, I bet it will be a success.

Is her sim somehow connected to Elarys? She reminded me of her a lot in that second picture, if not so much afterward.

Van said...

It's true--it's certainly possible to be successful without university (even though it's a lot tougher nowadays; hell, I have a degree and I've been out of work for the better part of a year). Ilyda has a good head on her shoulders and she's watched her parents run their inn her whole life, so I'm sure she'll be fine.

Any physical resemblance between Ilyda and Elarys is coincidental. Ilyda was born in-game, and Elarys was created in CAS... hmm. I'm guessing Ilyda was born at the time of Elarys's simmification, but she would have been very young. Either a toddler or a young child in game terms.

Orilon said...

There are times a degree can get in your way. I have a Master's degree and in some cases I have to not list it on certain types of resumes because it scares off some employers.

I've been unemployed for 4 years, and its really getting depressing. I suppose it depends on what the degree is in as to how useful it is.

Van said...

Yeah, I've left mine off of some resumes too (though I only have a Bachelor's). I've been advised not to work full-time, and most of the part-time places see a degree and think "Oh, she's going to be gone in three months" (and to be fair, that kind of is my pattern... but still).

Four years, with a Master's? Depressing, but I believe it. :S There just don't seem to be many jobs out there right now. You're right about the varying usefulness of degrees. Mine is in Creative Writing (though you wouldn't know it from most Naroni updates these days...), and the only jobs it can get me are various tech writing office jobs (which I tried, but it was understimulating and wreaked havoc on my energy levels and my depression), some journalism jobs (which I've never wanted to do) or teaching if I got my Master's (which is even less appealing than the journalism).

Orilon said...

My Master's degree is in Counseling Psychology. The counseling field took a huge hit with the economy in my city and most of the counseling agencies are laying off, not hiring.

I apply but I never hear from them. I leave my Master's degree off other resumes so I don't get "you have a Master's degree why are you applying here?"

Van said...

Ack, that's bleak! Personally, I'm of the opinion that everyone should have a psychologist the way everyone has a dentist (and the ones who need a psychologist the most are the ones who'd never admit to it, go figure). I hope the field picks up soon.

Yeah, that's probably the most frustrating thing of all--never hearing. It would be nice just to get a quick form email saying they're going with someone else, just as a courtesy thing, but nooooo.