June 17, 2014

In Which Teodrin Is Not Swallowed

March 7, 1186

Alina may have had other engagements more days than not and Severin may have loathed the task with the fires of a thousand hells, but Teodrin didn't mind babysitting, nor did he often have anything better to do. He wasn't exactly a loner, but he was plenty shy enough that most of his 'friends' weren't really more than pleasant acquaintances he sat with at lunch. And he didn't talk much to them either--just sat and listened as they conversed with each other, muttering quick generalities if anyone asked him anything. Something more would have been nice, but he didn't know if he wanted to risk getting close with anyone. Some days, even his parents were more than he could handle.

The little kids, though... well, they didn't care. Some of them couldn't even talk yet. They just went along with their business, playing and spouting nonsense syllables as if that was all life was about. Sometimes, when he was around them, he could almost pretend that they were right.

Today, though, his mother's conversation with Evera and Setran made it an uncomfortable challenge to lose himself.

"Yes, I think Aldhein's next report will be much better. We were worried that we'd have to take some measures to improve his focus, but it seems Shahira de Cervantes took care of that for us."

"Lady Riona's daughter?" asked Evera.

"Yes. Turns out that she's quite studious, so Aldhein started working harder in order to impress her." His mother chuckled. "She's in the class below until next month, but he sees her during breaks and it seems she's developed over the course of the winter term. He's grown quite smitten."

"Ah, yes--that age." Setran through back his head and smirked--and then looked over at Teodrin. He wished the couch cushions would open up and swallow him whole. "How about you, Teo? Have your eye on any lovely ladies?"

He had no answer other than to scuff his boot against the floorboard and stare down at his knees. His mother took over verbally. "Setran, please. You know he's shy."

He was, but that wasn't really it. In fact, all of the classmates he kept company with were girls. The boys were so immature, so shallow-minded and rough-and-tumble. It was easier to relate to the girls--insofar as Teodrin could relate to anyone--who were thoughtful and considerate and friendly. But he'd yet to feel any particular interest in any of them, which was probably for the better. Who knew if he'd ever be husband material anyway.

"He's shy, sure--but he's not dead."

"Aww, Setran. Leave him alone." Evera shot him a smile. It was good to have another older sister in the house. He had Alina, but she was a fixer; she had to tackle any perceived problems right away, never content to leave them be. Esela had some similar tendencies, plus a particular brand of sarcasm Teodrin knew meant no harm but nonetheless sometimes stung. As for Alyssin and Ellie, they were too much like his father and mother respectively. In terms of older sister allies, Evera was the best he could have hoped for. "Not everyone cares to start courting at twelve. You've still got plenty to do on your own time before worrying about girls."

Teodrin shrugged. He wasn't sure what he had to do, but he did have plenty to worry about. "I guess so."

Content, Evera grinned at him again before turning back to their mother. "So, Mother, you'll have to catch us up on local happenings. Little Florian's doing much better, thankfully, but we haven't gotten out much since he got sick."

"Oh." His mother grew hushed, prompting one of Setran's signature head-cocked squints. "So you haven't heard about Lord Severin then?"

"Lord Severin?" Evera gasped, Setran frowning opposite her. "You're kidding. He's usually in such good health. What could have happened to him?"

"To him? Nothing."


"He's in fine health; he just had to leave the country for a few weeks." His mother sighed. What was it about sighs that made everyone sound fifty years older? "It's his father..."



Van said...

Happy birthday, Andavri!

Penelope said...


I mean, I know Lonriad couldn't live forever, but WHAAAAAATTTTTTTT????


Good to see Setran and Evera though. I still think of them as toddlers.

Van said...

I know. :(

Yeah, the reason Setran and Evera were here is that I need some pictures of them for... something. And I didn't even get the right sort of shot of Setran. *facepalm* So I'll be slipping him into an upcoming Had post.

Penelope said...

What? Is he preggo? *hehehe*

Van said...

Probably wouldn't be the weirdest thing that ever happened to Old Lonriad. XD

Penelope said...

LOL I meant Setran. Lonriad is too old. :p

Van said...

Given that his dad is Florian, it wouldn't be the weirdest thing that ever happened to Setran either.