June 26, 2014

In Which Nora Validates the Needed Want

April 27, 1186

"Well, you're home earlier than I expected." Severin managed a tired, yet genuine smile. He'd been mellow since his father's passing, but it had been a month and a half now and he'd at least come to terms with it. He'd be back to his old self in time--but even if he wasn't quite there yet, he wasn't so far gone as to forget there were other people in the world. "Quick birth?"

"Quick, and easy." Frankly, Alsina deserved the break. "No complications, in spite of everything. Everyone's just fine."

"That's a relief." He caught her left hand as it slid down his arm, though her right stayed put on his shoulder. His touch was a little warmer than it had been yesterday. "So... boy or girl?"

"Girl." Well... that was part of it. The pregnancy itself had been miracle enough, but one step further? She'd never seen her sister so happy. Oh, how long she'd deserved the break! "Actually... two girls. Leonora and Learianna." As if she didn't have granddaughters named for her, and as if the duchess never would. Still--a sweet gesture, and not a sour feeling.

"Twins." His smile grew a little less tired, a little more genuine. "Glad as I am I never had them myself, I can't think of anyone who'd love them more than Alsina."

"Twins are a handful--" Twice that on any single child! "--but a good handful. A good handful will be a welcome change. I mean, they won't fix everything, but... you know, I think there's an extent to which the occasional want is a need."

"I think you're right; the wants are what feed morale, after all. They can say what they will about my father, after all, but damned if he wasn't the best duke that shire had seen in generations--and the hedonism probably helped, even if he did overindulge." Though if that man had played any part in raising this one, a little overindulgence wasn't the worst sin a person could commit. "I'm glad your sister got what she wanted."

"Me too." For now, that would do. There would be time for more. "And one day, I know she'll get what she needs."



Van said...

For the record, the twins are 100% the game's fault (though I was prepared to rig for a girl). I probably should have left without saving, then switched it to a single birth, but... bah, just couldn't do it.

Ann said...

I'm glad you didn't! I think there are instances where the game delivers exactly the right thing and this is one of them. ^^ Woot for Alsina! And welcome Lora and Lea! (If you don't mind my shortening of their names ^^)

Van said...

Ooooh! I was going to have to shorten the names eventually, and Lora and Lea will work quite well. Thanks, Ann. :)

(And indeed--sometimes, the game just knows.)

Penelope said...

Hunh. Whyfore were you planning to rig a girl? I wonder having two new babies will affect their strained relationship though.:S

Van said...

Mainly because Alsina has two surviving sons (plus Cenric), but only one surviving daughter. Well, two if you count Eilyssa, but I think Lyssie has always been more like a little sister or a niece to Alsina than a daughter.

Yeah, they have some stuff to work out that babies are just not going to fix, and they're going to have to work through that. It's a reprieve for Alsina personally, though.

Winter said...

Congratulations to Alsina and Aldhein! I'm glad the game gave out twins in this case. If Alsina is going to have a miracle baby, she might as well have two. She will love them both like nobody's business.

The expression on Nora's face in the second picture was so perfect. And I'm glad Severin is holding up all right, too.

Van said...

Yep, in for a nickel, in for a dime, I guess. XD

(And indeed--she will love the hell out of them.)

Thanks! Yeah, I find that "Hug - Leap Into Arms" interaction comes with a lot of interesting faces.

Severin is coping, slowly but surely. If nothing else, the relationship did get repaired before Lonriad died.

Ekho said...

Yep I agree with above^^ It was meant to be twins, fate must have taken over! And I am glad Severin is improving - its never easy losing a family member, let alone a parent! I'm happy for Alsina! Seeing as it was her last pregnancy she hit the jackpot getting 2 for 1!

Van said...

I'm not a fan of the concept of fate, but it does kind of seem like it here.

(And yes, this is absolutely Alsina's last pregnancy, so... two for one works?)

Severin... well, yeah, it's tough, like it typically is (and when it isn't... well, that's another brand of tough). But he doesn't have much choice other than to soldier on, so he will.