November 15, 2013

In Which Yvanette Spends a Little More Luck

November 12, 1183

What's wrong with me?

Yvanette slumped out of her fallen dress and dragged her broken body around the couch. Her grandmother always said that when things were rough, try to count the things that you were lucky for, but what was lucky about this? Whatever it was? Lucky that the tingly feeling came early enough for her to run away? That the longest she'd been stuck like this had been maybe an hour? That nobody knew?

That her mama didn't know?

Her grandmother wasn't a liar, but Yvanette didn't feel any better. She could stop being "lucky" any day now.

What's wrong with me?

That stupid cat bite. That had to have been it.

But lots of people got bit by animals! As far as Yvanette knew, no one else had to deal with... this.

Another tingle took root in her toes. Good. That hadn't been very long, and it usually only happened once every couple of days. That was still too often, but at least once again, she hadn't been caught.

But what about next time?

A couple blinks and she was back to normal. Or as normal as a freak like her could be. She picked her red underdress off the floor and pulled it over her head, then did the same with the overdress. She couldn't tie her own bodice and Winter wasn't here, but her papa or Sevvie's mama would fix it before they went home.

She sat down on Sevvie's bed and wondered if anyone could fix her.



Van said...

Short post.

Anonymous said...

We have a were-kitten in the house!

This was ... not at all what I was expecting to see. To put things mildly. No wonder Yvanette is sad and moody and anxious! Anybody would be, turning into a cat at unpredictable intervals, when anybody could walk in at the worst possible moment ...

I hope she tells somebody. Sure, Rona and Ashe will both freak out, but this is something worth freaking out about. Then maybe they could get somebody to help Yvanette control her powers and her transformations.

Besides, there can be advantages to turning into a cat every now and then ...

Van said...

Yvanette's mood probably won't improve any time soon unless she can get some help. As far as she (or we!) knows, there's no one else around who can relate to this issue, or even say much about it. I don't know if even Ashe is willing to drag his five-year-old daughter to an appointment with Dr. Deian. :S

She really should tell at least one of her parents, but I don't know if she's willing to do that any time soon. We do know how Rona feels about cats, and so does Yvanette. :S Ashe is neutral on cats, but daddies tend to do what mommies tell them...

But yes, if Yvanette ever learns to control the transformations, this could be a very useful ability. ;)

Ekho said...

Eek! I wondered who could help in this situation? Ashe would probably be the most understanding when it comes to magic-related goodies. I wonder why this has happened, maybe due to her father's 'change' she is more vulnerable to magic?
I hope you feel better soon!

Van said...

Who could help indeed? Though Ashe would be understanding about it, even though he'd be beating himself up about it behind Yvanette's back.

It absolutely has everything to do with Ashe's transformation! Here's a quick refresher post.

Joseph said...

Oh my god, she can turn into a cat, that is SO COOL!!!

Although I get why she isn't thrilled with the idea.

(Seriously SO COOL!!!

Van said...

It could definitely be a useful ability if she can learn to transform at will. But for now, she's at the mercy of spontaneity. :S

Winter said...

I wondered how the magic would manifest in Yvanette - I did not see were-kitty coming. That's a really interesting problem/possible superpower if she can learn to control it. The sea of cats at the Torgleid castle is now explained. Now, I'm curious as to whether she's the only were-cat around.

I hope she tells someone, though, before Rona tries to chase her out of the castle one day with a broom.

And I'd guess Yvanette won't have too hard of a time believing that daddy used to be a girl if she ever finds out now!

Van said...

If Yvanette can learn to control it, it will be a superpower! For now, though, it's more of a problem--but you're right, it's a problem that explains a few things.

Alas, the poor girl is feeling scared and alone and I don't see her telling anyone any time soon. That said, telling isn't necessarily required for anyone else to find out...

She probably would believe it! Though I'm pretty sure Ashe is hoping that none of his children ever find out, ever. As for me, I haven't decided yet.

Penelope said...


Van said...

Pretty much.