November 1, 2013

In Which Florian Does as He Was Trusted to Do

September 5, 1183

Florian had not wanted to go to Veldora today. His daughter-in-law--the one who lived with him, as it figured--was due within the week, and while he trusted Thetis more than he'd trust himself or Hamrick to take charge when the baby came, Thetis wasn't exactly free of womb infestation herself at the moment, and all her previous pregnancies had marked her fourth and fifth months as her worst. One of the kids could always run for Arydath, but they were unreliable spoiled brats--God bless their adorable little heads.

But from the looks of it, the chancellors and sponsors were not any more eager to be here than he was. Raia was also pregnant--more pregnant than Thetis, not as pregnant as Esela--with the caveat that her baby had settled abnormally low. From what he'd heard from Falidor, Arydath had said it shouldn't impact the baby's health or the delivery too much, but it did make for an uncomfortable existence as November approached nowhere near quickly enough. Little Clia had just recovered from a slight bout of croup, and the baron was still recovering for the lack of sleep that had merited. Lady Ellona and the duke, what with the duke being married to the king's sister, made for a strained, forced civility whenever they were in a room together, and as for Lord Severin and Lady Leonora... well, Florian didn't know why they looked so exhausted, but he had heard rumors of some new aphrodisiac Aerina had concocted, and Falidor had seen Nora paying her a visit recently...

But enough about that. He did have a long-standing promise to Falidor about not picturing his sisters naked, and there was no sense in breaking that again. Plus the sooner he got to business, the sooner he could leave.

"I've polled the populace about the name. Gathered a few suggestions, narrowed it down, asked." He'd maybe leave out that most of this activity had been limited to Seoth's place, plus his son Severin's insistence that he'd rather commute to Bologna daily than attend a university named after any liquid with a higher alcohol content than his own blood.

Raia straightened her back with an audible crack, then looked him over. As if she hadn't trusted him to do this in the first place. Nobles. "Was there consensus?"

"There was a clear winner, if that's what you mean." And a clear runner-up too, for all Florian hadn't voted for either. "Though I still think that 'East Bandera Honeymead University' is the way to go."

Lord Severin sighed. Yes, he certainly did look like a man who had been up all night, and not just not sleeping. But again, Falidor. "Surely something else came up."

"Unfortunately, yes."

Beside her husband, Lady Leonora frowned. "And that would be...?"

"Well, somebody suggested that the church would want something to do with God..."

Raia and Lord Severin shared a quick, alarmed glance. Damn. He'd want to speak slowly for effect, but if one of them protested, he didn't want to waste time shutting them up. "But then somebody else thought you'd want something irreverent. And then somebody else came up with a compromise."

"Which was...?"

Florian smiled. It was a fun phrase to say. "Quidquid Domini."

"'Whatever of the Lord'?" the baron translated, leaning forward to see the others from his seat by the end of the table. "That does seem to be in the spirit of this kingdom."

"And it does acknowledge the church in a shrug-like manner," agreed Lady Leonora.

The duke grinned. "I like it."

Raia nodded, Ellona and Lord Severin following in her example. That was it, then. The university had a name. Fantastic.

And yet, he was still here. "Um... so, can I leave now?"



Van said...

Congratulations to Morgaine on coming up with the winner! Morgaine, PM me whenever you know which five Sims you'd like. :)

And everyone--major thanks for participating, whether it was by submitting a name or by voting. Your help was very much appreciated! :D

Anonymous said...

Wait wait wait. WHAT? I WON???? I thought the Searlebonne was going to take the cake for sure!

Holy crap!

... Was I the only one who voted?

But -- in other news -- YAY FLORIAN! He managed to be funny even when he didn't want to be there! And I liked his choice for a name too. *giggles* Though I don't necessarily blame Severin Tumekrin for wanting to commute to Bologna rather than attend Earl Bandera Honeymead University, as funny as that would have been.

Oh well. Now Queen Dea University (QD, get it? Get it????) has an official name. Yay!

(And expect a PM tomorrow, right now, it is technically tomorrow my time, and I am heading to bed!)

Orilon said...

I also voted and the winner was one of the ones I voted for. It does sound like something Naroni would use as a name.

Van said...

Morgaine: Assuming that I remember my elementary school addition, yes, you did. :)

I think four people voted? That was about double what I was expecting. XD Quidquid Domini beat out Hypathia of Alexandria by two points. The Searlebonne also attracted some voters.

I'm glad Florian was funny, because I really had no idea how I'd make him so in this post. Maybe he's at the point where he just writes himself.

And that is actually Severin Tumekrin's back in the preview picture, so we'll be seeing that yes, he is definitely not someone who would be excited about attending a school named after alcohol. From what I've figured out about him so far, I imagine he'd get along quite well with your Heloise, unless one of them ended up killing the other. XD

I am absolutely going to have to work that "QD" note into a post. Sounds like a job for Uncle Sparron.

Orilon: It is certainly a Naroni-esque name! Many of the submissions were. :)

Ekho said...

Gotta say I love Florian in this, very nicely written :P and as for the name, I'm going to have to practice the proper pronunciation to get it right, everyone needs a hobby :P

Van said...


I'm not entirely clear on the pronunciation either. Good thing this isn't an audio book. XD