October 26, 2016

In Which Raia Coins a Family Motto

November 17, 1202

"My God! You are so handsome." Raia kissed her son on the cheek, caught off-guard by his stubble on her lips despite his having had stubble for Lord only knew how long. Hadn't Rio just been a baby all that long ago, with the reddish fuzz growing on his head the only hair on him? "And I'm so damn old."

"You're not old, Mother--though I won't protest the part about my handsomeness." Rio smirked--as if he wasn't her third child to be married. "I'd like to think I'll be a welcome sight for the pretty lady walking down the aisle."

"You had better be! What really makes a man a welcome sight for his bride is how well he treats her, and I'd like to think I raised my boys to treat their lovers well."

"I daresay you did! Rahileine proposed to me, remember?" Rio beamed with a fond, sly grin. He'd inherited a fair share of his father's sweetness, but Falidor had never been so natural with his teasing. "I don't think many people would knowingly suggest that they spend the rest of their life with a complete ass."

"Alas, if only all asses were readily apparent as such." Poor Jeda, for one, had quite liked the idea of Ietrin in her youth--and, frankly, Raia and Leara and the others hadn't realized just how repulsive a man that boy would grow to be either. Thank God she had Fred now. "But, I daresay you and your siblings have enough Kemorin in you that if you were asses, you'd at least be upfront about it."

Her son chuckled. His laugh, at least, was akin to Falidor's. So was his voice, she mused, even if he favored a more playful tone most of the time. "A sentiment worthy of a Latin translation beneath the family crest! Grandfather would approve."

"Then I shall have to run it by him." Raia winked, knowing full well that such a thing may have been one of the more polite options for a Kemorin motto. "But, you're also a Wythleit, and I think it's safe to say that's a winning combination in a spouse: sweet, considerate, and just naughty enough to keep things interesting."

"I've never aspired to be anything less." And, red hair and pale tunic notwithstanding, he was for a second the very image of her father. "I don't know about all of that in just one person--but if Rahileine and I are half so well matched as you and Father, then I'd say we're in for a happy marriage indeed."



Van said...

Ended up opting not to comment on the fact that Rio's marrying a woman who has the same first name as his mother. Marrying someone with the same name as a close relative is fairly normal in Naroni--and Rio, at least, gets the relative abnormality of marrying someone he has no blood relation to. XD

Winter said...

There are actually people that descendants of Severin & Alina aren't blood-related to?? ;D Rio seems sensible enough not to linger on his mother and fiancée/wife having the same name, though. It would have to be marrying someone who had the same name as him to qualify as exceptionally weird with the generational naming thing that goes on in Naroni & Dovia. If same-sex marriage became a thing there, it couldn't possibly take more than five minutes for the first "Searle & Searle" marriage to happen.

Raia's sentiment would be a wonderful house motto - honest and self-aware, just like your average Kemorin. (In modern times maybe it might switch to "The antibiotics are in the drawer with the condoms.")

Van said...

Somehow, yes! Though, Rahileine Indruion was indeed named after Raia Kemorin (obviously with no one involved figuring that Rahileine would end up marrying Raia's son).

...New head canon! Whenever the first recognized, fully legal same-sex marriage occurs in Naroni's distant future, it's absolutely going to be Searle and Searle. XD

Haha! Woe behold the modern Kemorin descendant who hurriedly stores the antibiotics in the medicine cabinet instead.