March 29, 2016

In Which Yvanette Warns Again

May 8, 1199

"The situation hasn't changed, you know." If Yvanette were to say 'yes'--before she said 'yes'--then she had to make that clear. It was only right. "I might have a better handle on it now, but I'll never be normal."

"What's 'normal', really?" Sevvie asked with a shrug, his hair flopping against Yvanette's cheek. "We all have our quirks--and a lot of the things we're all supposed to do don't necessarily make sense. I don't think there's really such thing as 'normal'."

"You know what I mean." And knowing that, perhaps she could reason that she'd given him plenty of time to change his mind about her--but Sevvie had always been too nice for his own good. "Just because I can control it doesn't mean I don't have to... exercise it. I can't expect you to make excuses for me all our lives."

"What excuses? If you need to miss a party or a banquet or something, I'll just say you weren't feeling up to it. Worse comes to worse, we'll just say you're prone to headaches and leave it at that."

"And children?" She wouldn't guess exactly how long she could go without transforming if she had to, but having assumed that the prickling in her skin was any indicator that she was due, she hadn't dared stretch it past a few weeks. "I can't expect to keep a pregnancy--not without something going terribly wrong."

"We don't need children. We'll have each other, plus a bunch of nieces and nephews that we can happily hand back to their parents for their less enjoyable aspects."

"But what if you change your mind?"

"Doesn't matter; my love for you won't." He eased her onto his lap, unblinking as he swore it. Such was a lofty thing to promise, but Sevvie had always been good about keeping to his word. "I want to marry you. If you'll have me, then I'll gladly take on everything that entails."

Gladly. She barely knew the meaning of the word. She hoped he knew it better than she did. "Don't say I didn't warn you."



Van said...


Ann said...

D'awwwwwws! They are such a beautiful couple!

Van said...

Sevvie's dad will be thrilled. XD

Orilon said...

I'm curious if she will ever understand that other people don't have the same view as she does about her powers (e.g. he doesn't seem to see her as a "freak" because of the powers and loves her seemingly unconditionally)

(BTW I was amused when I saw this map marker the Divinity 2: Flames of Vengeance game

[URL=][IMG][/IMG][/URL] because I was reminded of a certain Naroni couple. No this is not an April Fool's, that marker really is in the game, and it really is a marker for a side quest that the main character can do in the game. )

Van said...

Haha! Interesting coincidence. XD

As for Yvanette... that's a good question. There's really no way to tell unless more people find out, and that is 100% the last thing Yvanette wants.