October 10, 2014

In Which Riona Finds Nothing Out of Keeping

June 23, 1187

"Sorry. You said Grandfather summoned you a few months back?"

It was more of a struggle to listen to Danthia now than it was usually, Riona found. Cladelia had been gone for some time now, and Haldred had told Riona and Catalina that they could use her old sitting room if they pleased--but never had Riona taken him up on that offer. She entertained her friends in the smaller sitting room, and not one of them had ever taken issue. Her sister, however--Princess of Naroni and all, though Riona couldn't for the life of her see the appeal of that land--had insisted on being entertained in the baroness's sitting room, as Riona would be baroness after Haldred and Tarien were gone. Riona wished that on neither of them, but as always, Danthia was not above voicing such thoughts.

"Yes. Good to see you were paying at least some attention." Danthia sniffed, waiting just long enough for Riona to sit. Though, it was hardly a surprise, old Searle of Valcria wanting to see Danthia; while the rest of the family seemed wary of her, she'd always been the apple of their grandfather's eye. "He wanted to know why Farilon and I had yet to conceive a child. When I told him Farilon had refused to bed me since our wedding night, he was furious. He knew I would be the one blamed, which just isn't fair, of course."

Possibly the only thing to have ever come out of her sister's mouth with which Riona agreed. Her own eldest had been born a lengthy four years after her wedding, and that had not come without its snide comments. But if Farilon simply did not want to sleep with Danthia, that was his business. "All right..."

"So, Grandfather decided to pay Farilon a little visit one evening. He brought some of his finest wine along. Farilon doesn't much care for wine, but everyone knows better than to insult Grandfather's generosity, so he had to drink every cup Grandfather poured--and Grandfather poured him quite a few. So, Grandfather left some hours later, and Farilon stumbled into bed, no doubt barely even aware of his own name--"

"Oh, no." There was only one place this story was going. Sad to say, Riona found nothing in this out of keeping with her sister or their grandfather. "You didn't..."

"Oh, we did." Smug, satisfied, and without a thought to the implications. Or to poor Farilon's well-being. "Come January, I'll be the mother of a Prince of Naroni."



Van said...

One of these days, I have to go back and add some warnings to old posts.

Mimus said...

Ugh! That woman!
...Mind it's nothing that hasn't been tried in history before, but I hope Farilon will be smarter if this child is a girl and she tries the same thing again...

...So are you going to let her have whatever gender of child she'll get or will you rig the birth for a boy?
I simply hope for a girl ... and that Farilon will be the one doing most of the raising. And I personally think that a daughter fits better with Farilon's personality. ...Of course, I could be wrong...

Van said...

I haven't quite decided what I'm going to do about this baby, but Farilon will be hoping for a girl. And he'd be adorable with a daughter.

That said, Danthia's pretty intent on having a son someday, so who knows what she'll try if this baby turns out to be a girl. :S

Penelope said...

Oh boy, this is headed towards Game of Thrones territory. Who will be the next king of Naroni? Will it be the boy who is really a girl, the boy who is the king's son but not the queen's, or Danthia's tangentially related off-spring? I vote for Dea. Failing that, I vote for Florian. When in doubt, always vote for Florian.

Van said...

Things could get pretty interesting pretty fast if Ietrin had a sudden heart attack.