March 1, 2014

In Which Nythran Is Spared the Explanation

September 23, 1184

"No. I cannot allow it." And not one feature on Felron's face suggested that he knew that this wasn't his business to allow. Had this behavior not been the plague of the family since the day he'd left the womb, Nythran might have found amusement in his brother's delusion. "I've already lost one brother to that godforsaken Sodom. I can't afford to lose you as a knight."

"I'm Oswald's knight, and he said I could do as I please. Besides, Father and I talked it over before he died, and Mother thinks I ought to go." If anything, their mother probably wanted to go with him, but she was too good a soul to leave Xetrica alone with Felron. "My son is getting older, Felron. If I still want a fresh start for the both of us, I have to act now, before he's a man grown."

"Hmph. Serves you right, marrying an Andronei."

"Can we not bring Anna's family into this? Let the dead rest." After all those years of healing, it felt good to finally be able to say that out loud. No doubt Learianna, wherever she was, thought it was about time he moved on. "I'm going to Naroni. The university wants to provide continuing training programs for squires and young knights, and Lady Rahileine has offered me the contract. I've already signed it and sent it back, and by the time I arrive, there will be a house prepared for Haldred and me. Nothing in your power can make me stay."

And it may have been killing him. No matter. Felron wasn't Nythran's problem any more. "I can't believe you'd rather live under the thumb of some trumped-up Kemorin woman than as a knight to your own brother."

"Like I said, I was never your knight." And I'd rather live under the thumb of a giant slime monster than as knight to you. "Oswald has agreed to designate my territory for Lornian, so that saves you both the trouble of redrawing boundaries when he earns his knighthood. I'll give your regards to Garrett and Valira."

"Don't bother. I haven't had so much as a Christmas letter from either of them in years."

Well, isn't that one of the great mysteries of our time? "Fine. I'll simply give them my own." For everyone's sake, he chose not to mention Rina. If she asked at all about her father when they next met, he'd tell her what he thought. One of the great perks of Naroni was that it was far enough away that few of Felron's eggshells littered the ground.

"If you insist, though I can't see why you'd bother." But whatever explanation there was for that, Nythran was spared the agony of listening by the steward's knock. "What is it?"

"Someone here to see you, my lord." No doubt missing their father, old Gandry tripped a bit with the last word. Lucky that Felron hadn't caught it. "Some kid with a bit of an accent. Probably a new tenant."

"A kid on his own. An orphan sniffing around for charity, no doubt." Felron's nostrils flared in compensation for the drawing mouth beneath. "Send him in. I'd much rather shatter his delusions in person."



Van said...

Guys. It's March.

What the hell.

Winter said...

"You can't leave, I'm a lord, damn it!"

Please, please let him be about to be bullied out of a horse by a steward's kid who knows he has a tiny penis. Please, please, please...

Will we be seeing more of Nythran, now that he's part of the university? Early indicators are good for him, getting out of his brother's territory with his son. (And between the blue eyes and that chin, he's now my head-canon for Kent & Cornwall having a son.)

Van said...


It would serve Felron right to be bullied out of a horse by a steward's kid who knows he has a tiny penis. ;)

Indeed, I do have plans for us to be seeing more of Nythran. He'll be living in the university village, so there will be ample opportunity for him to mingle with the professors...

Kent + Cornwall = Nythran. That chin really is something else, isn't it? XD

Penelope said...

Lady Rahileine? Who's that? *giggles*

And yay for Rina having more local family!

Van said...

It is strange to see her called that, isn't it? XD