December 15, 2009

In Which Adonis Has Nothing to Hear

April 19, 1164

Honora's long lashes flickered as she slowly rocked back and forth. "Really, Adonis, it's a little insulting to think that you would believe the word of a girl you met mere hours ago over that of your wife of nine years."

"Oh, don't try to make me out to be a villain here," Adonis groaned. "It's not as if you've ever given me any details about your life before you went to work at Valcria. Your first decade and a half are a complete blank to me--it's not as if I have any evidence contrary to the girl's claim."

His wife scowled. "Are you unaware as to what exactly to the claim is? If I had a daughter other than your own two, I would have told you before I married you."

"But you tell me nothing!" he insisted. "I don't even know what country you're from, for God's sake! I didn't know your birthday until I had already missed one. Look, I can see why you might have been reluctant to tell me at first, but frankly, after all this time, it's a little insulting to think that you would think I'd judge you for the girl's existence and whatever brought forth her conception."

"Well, if you're not judging me, than what is it you're doing right now?"

In all their years together, he had never seen her so hurt. Judging by the sorrow in her eyes, he wouldn't have been surprised if she started to cry--and Honora never cried. But couldn't she see that she had hurt him too?

Adonis sighed. "I'm not judging you. I just think that it's a little unfair for me to have to hear this from Evaleith instead of you."

"Adonis... there's nothing to hear. She's not my daughter, all right? I'm barely old enough to have a fourteen-year-old daughter, and she really doesn't resemble me all that much if you actually look."

He took a moment to consider this. Sure enough, while there were some similarities between their two faces, they were not so alike as he had originally believed; perhaps his mind had been playing tricks on him. Maybe they were just distant cousins or something. However, this did seem a situation that he would rather not brush aside so lightly. "Honora... are you sure?"

Honora laughed, but it was not the laugh to which he had grown accustomed. He couldn't put his finger on it, but there was something not quite right about that giggle. "Adonis, you dolt! I think I'd remember carrying a child for nine months and then giving birth to her."

Fair enough. "Well... what are you going to tell her, then?" He hoped she would go easy on the poor girl. Evaleith had been so certain, and it seemed that this reunion was what had brought her to Naroni in the first place; how would she react to learning that her efforts had been in vain?

"Let me worry about that, darling," Honora insisted with a smile. "Meanwhile, you just lie down for a while, all right? You've had a trying day; I'll wake you when it's time for supper."



Dinuriel said...

Aaaaand another shorty! Sorry :(

I think I must have screwed up with either Ceidrid or Evaleith's stretch. I don't remember off the top of my head how tall either of them is going to grow to be, but I kind of doubt that fourteen-year-old Evaleith is supposed to be taller than sixteen-year-old Ceidrid :S

Also, for anyone not reading Ashelia, I now have a Twitter for story-related shtuffs--updates, absences, etc. The lock is just to keep my posts from clogging up their public feed, I'll add anyone who requests access.

Phoenix said... Honora lying? There's something that she's not telling Adonis. She may not be the mother but she sure is hiding WHO she is to the girl! *sigh* This is SO not going to end well!

Dinuriel said...

More will be revealed in the next post. That's all I can say for now, unfortunately.

eclectictsunami said...

Hmm. Shady, shady. I'm guessing...niece? (That's what I thought initially, actually - that or younger sister.)

Poor Honora. She obviously has some messed-up stuff in her past. :(

Dinuriel said...

I'll be updating the family trees once it's all cleared up... which it probably will be next chapter, fortunately.

Honora does have a rather tragic past. We'll be learning more about it fairly soon.

Gayl said...

I am trying to dig through my brain about when we first meet Honora...we did learn something of her past...I have to go back and re-read.

But I agree, it does feel like she is pulling the wool over Adonis' eyes here. Probably for a good reason though...

Dinuriel said...

All Honora posts. The ones near the bottom will probably be the most helpful in this instance. This one in particular might be of interest. Just sayin' *whistles*

She does seem to be making a molehill of a mountain here... hmmm...

Gayl said...

*nods knowingly* ok.

Dinuriel said...


Penelope said...

Ok! I read this the other day and forgot to comment as I was combing through the older posts. And I have to say Van, you've stumped me on this one.

Dinuriel said...

After next chapter, I promise that there will be enough confirmation for me to update the family trees and connect Evaleith and Honora by the amount of degrees necessary.

Emmy said...

And the plot thickens... I think she's definitely hiding something. My guess is that Honora either has some form of amnesia and is aware of it (which would mean that she can't be 100% sure that she's not Evaleith's mother) or she's covering for someone else. But who? :/

Dinuriel said...

All shall be revealed shortly :)